In collaboration with a number of leading partners, SVCK has developed the Competency Cannabis Salesman Training Program. During this training program, product knowledge, prevention, rules, ethics, safety, and communication are addressed. The training program consists of a two-part day of five hours divided into two sessions and provides employees and proprietors who work within the cannabis chain with the right tools.

Acknowledged certificate:
The second training session is concluded with a written test in which the knowledge of the training components is tested. Upon passing the exam, participants immediately receive the SVCK acknowledged Competency Cannabis Salesman Certificate. With regard to the training session, a coffee shop with certified employees is able to meet future requirements of cannabis sales.

Training sessions:
Policy, enforcement, and politics; product knowledge and history; sales skills and professional ethics; recognition of identity documents; aggression training and hold-up training; Dutch Health and First Aid with Cannabis Accidents (EHBI); practical case, to be conducted between the two training sessions (optional).

Registration fees:
Costs per participant on request, including teaching material, and excluding location and lunch.
For customized programs, SVCK drafts a quotation without obligations.

Unique offer:
Regular items complemented with flexible subjects on request and in consultation; no prior education required; two training sessions of five contact hours per session; group size and location in consultation; purposive teaching material. The content is adjusted to leading and branch related partners, such as addiction care, police, and local authority. Of course, there is also room for communications skills, commercial skills, teambuilding, and discussion. Experienced trainers, experts, and branch specialists provide the training.

Added value:
After attending the Competency Cannabis Salesman Training Program, the student is able to better perform his/her work. Expanding both knowledge and skills contributes to the further professionalization of the cannabis chain.